Sunday, October 30, 2011

Exciting News

Again it's been FOREVER since I have updated anything but I finally have something important to write about. For those of you who don't know already;


I have to get better about updating this since I will be wanting to keep friends & family informed of all the news about the little one once they are born!
We are really excited. It has been a LONG time coming. I share my story and struggle because I want to give others hope that are in the same situation.
We have been married 13 years. 11 of which we have been trying to have children sitting back watching everyone it seemed around us have their families and being excited for them but wishing at the same time it would happen for us. We finally while living in Baltimore did several rounds of fertility treatments,all different kinds. We ended up getting pregnant on the last one but had a miscarriage early on. This was devastating to us and ended with us not doing anymore for emotional reasons and we ended up moving to Florida. We saw a fertility doctor here about 2 years ago and have looked into adoption but weren't sure where we thought the best place to put our money would be. Adoption is a long process but one we knew would end eventually with a child and IVF is hit or miss, costs a lot of money and there is no guarantee you will have anything to show for it. So we did nothing. For the past 2 years we have talked about it but haven't made much progress one way or another.
And then it happened! After relaxing, not thinking about it day in and day out, we had our little miracle. We found out over Labor Day weekend....actually right before. We were getting ready to fly to West Virginia to visit family for the weekend and I hate flying so I take medication. James suggested that I should take a test. I thought it was ridiculous seeing that just because I was late meant 11 years it never did. But I went to get one. He wouldn't let me take it until he got home from work. I started thinking, what if???? By the time he got home I had allowed myself a glimmer of hope which I was getting mad at myself about because every time I did that I would be disappointed. However when he got home I took the test and before the control showed up in the window the result was there....pregnant!!
I was in shock. I ran out of the bathroom saying , "how does this happen?!?!" We cried, then I got extremely nervous remembering what happened the last time a test showed up positive. Within a few weeks I had horrible news. I knew I couldn't handle going through that again so my joy turned to fear. James assured me it would be fine and here we are at week 14 (well, almost on Wednesday) the start of the 2nd trimester already!!!
Things are going well, we are thrilled. Other than being tired (which is getting better), getting bigger and my clothes not fitting I feel fine. I was lucky no real morning sickness. We just bought baby furniture, cleaned out the baby's room and are waiting for the furniture to arrive this week or next.
I definitely had given up hope and watched others have amazing families and were thrilled for them but sad that James and I wouldn't have that. However I guess it is all in God's time and it just wasn't our time yet. What we had to learn or do first I'm not sure but someday we will know. I'm just excited that it's finally our time. Once we started not focusing on it, it happened. Maybe the marathon I ran helped?!?! :) I hear it does for some people. Maybe that's what it took :) !! I plan to run another one in January...2013 !!


  1. I actually cried when I heard your were pregnant! SOOO many congrats to you and James! Our prayers are with you and your little one. What a true miracle!

    Becca got pregnant twice while training for races, I totally believe it! I bet your body is just in such great shape that everything lines up. Who knows?!

    I'm glad you'll be blogging this experience, I'm going to want to know everything you're going through! Your so lucky no morning sickness! I was sick for 9 months. Lost 15 pounds. Ugh. That was the worst part about pregnancy, the big belly is the best part! I can't wait to see your belly shots! Congrats!!!

  2. I'm so excited for you guys and we have cried and prayed right along with you. We are so happy that you will have your very own little one. I can't wait to meet him or her. It's going to be beautiful!

  3. Just want to say again how excited I am for you guys. I can't wait till you find out what you're having!